Hello, first of all welcome and thank you for the pleasure of introducing myself. I am Nathan (also known as Da Chosen One). The name comes from the Hebrew language meaning “Gift of God”. So rather than going around telling everyone I am a “Gift from God” I simply stuck with a name less hmm we’ll say bigheaded. (Because Da Chosen One doesn’t sound like I have a big ego right -_-) I am 28, currently residing in Tampa, Fl, and I love doing what I do best, which is bringing great music to your ears. Instrumentals, beats, songs, background tracks, editing, producing, mixing, you name it.....C.O.R.E. can do it! 

     Now what exactly is C.O.R.E. you ask. Well I’ll tell you!  
C.O.R.E. also known as Chosen One Records and Entertainment, (Ah, you see what I did there) specializes in the musical needs to customers and musicians alike throughout the world. Whether it would be full tracks or just your sound edited for a movie we’ll be able to help. 

      If you have any questions go ahead and click the “contact” link and leave any questions or concerns that you may have! Thank you!